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    Team Building Activities

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    Team building activities sponsored by companies are becoming more and more popular. Many managers believe that they can support cohesion of the group and improve its effectiveness in the workplace. In not less than 500 words, explain the following:

    What is your opinion?
    Have you experienced a team building workshop?
    If so, do your feel that it helped your team and how?
    If not, would you welcome such an opportunity? What do you expect of it?

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    I think that it does help with team morale and building cohesion amongst colleagues. It allows people to connect outside of the office, have a fun time together and allows people to see the 'non-work' personality of their co-workers. It allows people to unwind, and enjoy themselves on company time, which makes them more appreciated by the company (who does not like to participate in a free activity?) Anything that might involve food, or a ...

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    The solution examines team building activities and how it approves effectiveness in the workplace. Would someone welcome this opportunity or not is determined.