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High Involvement Workplace

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Motivation and productivity seem to have a pretty strong relationship. The arguments can go back and forth and whether productivity contributes to motivation or does motivation contribute to productivity? Read the assigned article this week (Mohr and Zoghi, 2008) HighInvolvementWorkDesign.pdf . What strategic initiatives can your current organization take to improve employee involvement? How would you measure success of such an initiative? Respond to at least two of your fellow classmate's posts with critical analysis.


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Mohr and Zoghi (2008) have determined that overall job satisfaction is positively correlated with high-involvement practices. The authors state, "satisfaction can come from learning, problem-solving, intergroup cooperation, and doing a good job" (Mohr & Zoghi, 2008, p. 276). In order to increase the employee involvement at my workplace, it would be important to change the corporate culture to one that makes the employee an active participant. For instance, job rotation would increase intrinsic motivation of employees, encouraging them to learn new skills and have a better understanding of the larger organization. By encouraging in practices where more of us understand more about the company there a greater cross-pollination of ideas- and understanding of one another's struggles - will occur. As a result we will become more engaged in the company.

Mohr and Zoghi (2008) suggest the importance of information sharing programs. To this end, it would be important for my company to have regular meetings to let employees understand the goals and objectives of the organization, encourage questions, and stimulate thought. In order to feel actively involved, employees must understand what is going on ...

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This detailed solution discusses strategy organizations can take to increase employee involvement and job satisfaction based on Zoghi and Mohr's (2008) article. APA formatted references are included.

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