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    Course: Management and Organizational Behavior

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    Case 1 (Individual)

    Ali as a GM for ABC Bank

    Ali, who worked at ABC Bank as a financial analyst for five years, was recently promoted to the position of a general manager (GM). A few days after being on the new job, Ali started to experience several problems with his subordinates and colleagues. He rarely had any difficulty with his employees in his previous position as a financial analyst, where he supervised the work of four associates. Ali is a competent person in his field of specialization and prefers to do most of the things himself so that he could complete all assignments and projects on time. He holds a professional certificate in financial analysis (CFA) and enjoys working on technically complex projects. In his new job, Ali is responsible for supervising a relatively larger department (30 employees), and given the initial reaction of his employees, he is not sure if he could provide effective leadership to his team members.

    Ali often feels that he lacks certain essential skills to succeed in his new position as a GM.


    a. What kind of skills does Ali need to manage his new department more effectively?
    b. Advise Ali how he can provide effective leadership to his team members?

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    a. Previously Ali used to work as financial analyst which is a very technical role. He supervised four associates, in his area of expertise. However now he is promoted to position of a general manager and he has to supervise a larger department of 30 employees. A General Manager is responsible for overseeing administrative tasks ...

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    Changes in role can entail changes in ones behavior.