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Modifying Products Over Time

What are the considerations in designing a line of products and making modifications to that line over time? How might this effect brand image?

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When a product is designed, research and development is usually conducted prior to the development of the product. The R&D is critical, since it helps develop the products and shapes the way that the product could be perceived.

For example, lets say that company ABC is manufacturing a line of baby toys. Thousands of dollars went into developing the product, and hundreds of issues were considered such as the material that the product will be made from, the size of the product....

These decisions were made based on the research conducted, and are based on current knowledge and equipment. The company launches the product to the mass market.

Then imagine that 10 years down the line, it was discovered that the material used in the product is toxic for babies, and causes them to get sick. This discovery was recent, and the company has no way of knowing about ...

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