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    international finance Risk and Opportunities

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    I need help answering the following (3) questions below: 200-300 words per question please.

    (1)Identify the unique risks and opportunities in international finance.
    (2)Identify and explain the primary Global strategies that companies employ.
    (3)What is meant by foreign exchange risk? What specific problem does foreign exchange present in an organization?

    Thank you!

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    (1)Identify the unique risks and opportunities in international finance.

    One of the major risks peculiar to international finance is exchange rate related risks. As currencies are constantly moving against each other in terms of exchange rate, organizationals dealing in multiple currencies are subject to losses due to such frequent exchange rate movements.

    Further, another unique risk in international finance is movement of funds across national borders. Although banking system has become much more advanced in today's world, it is a challenge for companies to ensure smooth flow of cash from one country to another due to differences in banking infrastructure, regulations, restrictions, etc.

    Further, international financial managers have to deal with different laws and regulations related to accounting, taxation, repatriation,etc. that differs from one country to another.

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    Identify the unique risks and opportunities in international finance.