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    A look at BMW and the advertising concept models used

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    BMW and it's Emotional Marketing Strategies

    Analyze three current ads or commercials for BMW, in terms of brand equity.

    Do the ads or commercials use the advertising concept model "Hierarchy of Effect" and/or do they use persuasion with the "Elaboration Likelihood" model?

    1. Describe the three ads or commercials and include the link if applicable. Note: YouTube has numerous vintage and new commercials to view.

    2. What is the overall message of the brand? Explain in depth.

    3. Using one of the advertising models mentioned above, analyze the techniques being used in at least one of the ads.

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    1. 2012 BMW F10 M5 (New Commercial for August)

    This commercial displays three BMW's in a warehouse, the time, and location is identified in the commercial. This commercial has no audible dialogue or people interacting, just the interaction of man and vehicle as one. There is music in the background that accompanies the pace of acceleration that gradually builds as time progresses in the video. The commercial itself is 1 minute and 27 seconds. The camera zooms in on various areas of the vehicle to show consumers exterior features of the vehicle and periodic shots of the interior. The shots were brief in which they appeared to be teaser shots because the company wants consumers to pay more attention to what the vehicle is capable of. In essence this commercial utilizes both the Elaboration of Likelihood model (ELM) and Hierarchy of Effects model (HEM). ELM for the reason that the company's message is personally relevant to their target audience. HEM is also utilized because the company is building awareness about the product without communicating verbally rather the company is establishing visual images of their central message.

    Test drivers turn the vehicles on as they proceed to the runway for a test drive accompanied by a helicopter that is in close proximity of the vehicles. In the beginning the test drive is at a steady pace. The first impression a ...

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    The advertising concepts models which are used is determined for BMW. The overall message of the brands are examined.