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    How to evaluate a successful new product

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    For a new product to be successful, it must have a significant point of difference from its competitors. Think of a successful new product and discuss its significant points of difference. Is this point what makes the product successful? What else makes this product successful? Have you or would you buy this product? Why or why not?

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    My suggestions on how to approach this assignment are as follows:

    Introduce your product:
    1 Identify the successful new product you have chosen. You may wish to include the reason why you chose this particular product. If you need product ideas, you may wish to consider some brand of smart phone or the Apple iPhone.

    "Think of a successful new product and discuss its significant points of difference"
    2 Write about what makes your product unique beginning with the next sentences. Picking up from the last sentence (your reason for choosing this product) you can go into the significant differences between your product and its competitors. Use two or three examples, such as -

    Features - what does your product have that the competition does not?
    Cost - how does the price of your product compare to the competition's price?
    Availability - how easy is it to get your product vs. your competitors?

    "Is this point what makes the ...

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    This 631-word solution provides step-by-step instructions with examples of how to evaluate a successful new product and write a response. The solution includes a sample response based on a fictitious product as well as an outline, instructions on how to write the introduction, body and summary paragraphs, and links to websites that will support completion of the assignment.