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    branding and marketing

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    Attach is John's recommendation to Branding a product and also my counter against it. Please help add some advice,comments to make it better to argue against the recommendtaion.

    John's recommendation:

    Branding and Packaging

    Rohm & Haas allows distributors to brand the original Kathon 886 MW formula, yet do not allow private branding for the MWX formula. The informal summer trainee survey found that most small metalworking companies obtain their metalworking fluids and other supplies from two or more small, local tool or supply shops within 30 miles of their businesses. Rohm & Haas should allow these local supply houses to brand the MWX formula giving the tool and supply shops a reason to carry and sell the MWX product. If branding doesn't matter with the 886 MW formula, it shouldn't matter with the MWX formula. Or alternatively, if Rohm & Haas came out with its own brand, marketing should be much more aggressive, as distributors would most certainly favor products with their brand names. This was confirmed in the phone survey, as only 20% remembered receiving the product information package, and majority of them never tried Kathon MWX.

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    The most important thing about branding is that who ever controls the brand, controls the market for it. If you allow the distributors to brand it, then they immediately gain the power to determine how the product is positioned and marketed. The manufacturer of the product will lose power to the distributor. If the distributor is successful in promoting their brand name into the market and there is ever a conflict between the ...

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    The most important thing about branding is that who ever .........