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    Sales Goals

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    1. Why is it important for a company to have sales goals? (200+ word count)
    2. How can goals be measured for feasibility? (200+word count)
    3. How can results be measured against goals? (200+ word count)

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    Why is it important for a company to have sales goals? 200+ word count
    For a company to properly operate, budgets must be set. The budgets outline what the company needs monetarily to function. Knowing the amount of funding needed, companies set sales goals for its sales staff. "Achieving sales volume goals for your business is one of the biggest challenges any owner faces. Many factors beyond your control can affect that final number--the economy, the weather, the competition. But one manageable factor is the people in direct contact with your clients--your sales team." (Hopkins 2006)
    Sales goals are set so that the company can remain in the black (profitable). The company must know which product is sold best by which salesperson. Why? "Some salespeople are better with a certain product; others work best with a certain type of client. You just can't get away from these complicated variables." (Hopkins 2006) If salesperson one has high results in selling product A and low results with product B, it would be wise to assign product B to a salesperson that has proven results with this product.

    When there are no sales goals, the company will not function properly. The budget will set the goals. The sales director will enforce the goals. The salesperson must meet the goals. When ...

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