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    Goals and Sales Plans in Management

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    Assume you are a sales director who is responsible for the southeastern sales team for a large telecommunications company. You are currently in the process of preparing the sales goals for the coming year for your sales managers and their direct reports.

    What are the criteria for effective goals?

    What does it mean to align your department goals with the overall organization?

    Give an example of an organizational goal and two sales team goals which support it.

    What unexpected industry conditions might occur during your sales year?

    What are some contingency plans you could put in place in case these conditions occurred?

    What would an example of your sales plan look like for the coming year?

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    What are the criteria for effective goals?

    The criteria for effective goals are as follows. 1) Treat every customer with dignity and respect. This means if they say, "No," then each person respects him or her. Upon anyone receiving disrespect, a customer and/or employee could no longer go to the store any longer. 2) All of them are realistic. They are not so farfetched, that they are not achievable, but are easily able to get accomplished on a daily basis. 3) The policies and procedures are adhered to on a daily basis from all employees and staff. In the long run, this allows consistency and structure, and helps others to work more effectively within the work environment.

    What does it mean to align your department goals with the overall ...

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