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AI Brainstorming- Core Strategy

First of all, allow me to thank you for providing guidance to develop my prior papers. Once more I need your guidance for my paper, so I can continue developing my overall Marketing and Strategic Plan, which will be the final project.
Here is the part that I need to develop this week.

It is the third week of the AI Brainstorming Conference and the discussion turns toward Core Strategy.

In five to six paragraphs,

1.State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).

2. Give advice to at least two other participants with regard to their core strategy. Does the strategy make sense? Do you understand it? Do have suggestions for revision?

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1.State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).

Our core strategy will be not aimed at capturing maximum market share in the online tutoring industry but also create new markets for online tutoring by pulling away those students who are currently using traditional form of tutoring and are either not aware of such online tutoring services or are having many apprehensions about using such services. Further, we are aiming to draw those students towards using online services who cannot afford traditional form of tutoring due to monetary and other constraints.

Therefore, we can define our core strategy as creating new markets and enhancing market share in the online tutoring industry by communicating the benefits and advantages of our services over traditional forms of tutoring as well as over other online tutoring services. We plan to establish ourselves as a pioneer in this industry by providing a comprehensive range of online tutoring services of highest quality at affordable prices.

Our strategy is to create a strong and effective platform for students to get services from intellectual brains and experienced teachers from all over the world in the most advanced, affordable and flexible manner with utmost focus on quality, security and convenience to our customers, ie, the students. We aim to establish a niche in this industry and become a pioneer by establishing unique standards in terms of quality of our services, pool of our intellectual talent, range of our services, technology and affordability.

In essence, a value proposition is an offer to some entity or target in ...

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AI Brainstorming- Core Strategy