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Solving a tough problem and learning from the situation

I have to fill out an application to attend a special program that gives students opportunities to attend workshops and possibly get an internship and I am having trouble with a question.

What is the best way to answer this question?

Give me an example of tough problem you could not solve. What was tough about it, what did you do to deal with it, why was it not solved, and what did you learn from the situation?

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When answering a question of this type, I would consider the specific instructions given with the application and pay close attention to such details as if they prefer answers and examples to come from personal or business experiences or if either is fine. I would also consider the nature of the type of business that the company you are applying to is involved in and try to relate my answer to a topic that might connect with a common problem or occurrence in their business or industry. I would take a close look at previous jobs or other social situations and form a quick list of things that I remember being a problem and then take the list and form a more detailed description of each of the events and then select the one that not only ties in with the company but that I have the most to talk about and feel the strongest about or the one that you still think about as a problem that you wish you could have solved.

Example of my possible answer to the question:

I ...

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The applications to attend a special program is determined. Special programs that give students opportunities to attend workshops are given.