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Human Learning

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Human problem solving covers a wide range of time scales. Present a real-world situation in which the decision making is time-constrained. Would it best be solved using a heuristic or algorithmic problem-solving method? Why? Would the Zeigarnik effect lead one to creatively develop more efficient approaches to learning? Why or why not? Reference(s) needed.

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A real-world situation, in which the decision-making is time constrained, is when a senior manager within an organization gives a departmental manager two hrs. In which to decide how many new staff members that will be needed in order to make their department function at optimal efficiency. In a situation of this nature it would be best ...

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Human Motivation

Explain the role of learning in human motivation. Provide at least three (3) examples that specifically tie learning to human motivation and the reduction of stress, improved happiness, and self-esteem. (Three separate scenarios.) Your explanation should be well developed and the examples should be specific. Cite all references in correct APA style (5th edition).

If you could provide me with an outline and as much information as possible as well as explain the relationships between the concepts, it would be extremely helpful. Examples would also be appreciated.

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