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    Accounting education, experience and responsibilities

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    The accounting firm I am employed with is very active in its community and is recognized as a valuable corporate citizen. Each year a team from my firm meets with the local high school seniors to discuss career opportunities in finance and taxes. This year you have been assigned to present career opportunities for tax practitioners. Research opportunities that currently exist for tax practitioners.

    Please help me with the following:

    Include in 2-3 pages your answer of the type of education, experience, and responsibilities required.

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    The economy has its ups and downs, but, as some say, the only things certain in life are "death and taxes." Every legal, taxable, entity pays taxes--individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. The typical taxation partner in the large public accounting firm earns hundreds of thousands a dollars per year, or even more. Tax accountants are needed almost everywhere, in small public accounting firms, large accounting firms, law firms, corporate tax departments, the IRS, state departments of revenue, investment firms, banks, and in private practice. The need for tax accountants has never been greater.

    Source: http://www.mastersoftaxation.com/career_opportunities.htm

    A Tax Professional typically performs the following job duties:

    1) Research and consult on various tax matters; utilize tax-related software

    to prepare and process returns.

    2) Conduct the following tasks: compliance and reporting, process improvements,

    and risk and controls assessment.

    3) Prepare tax returns for S corporations, C corporations, ...

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    Include in 2-3 pages your answer of the type of education, experience, and responsibilities required.