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Interview Responses: Strengths, Weaknesses, Desires

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I have a phone interview with the Asst. Controller for a Senior Accountant position. How should I answer the questions what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should I hire you? What are your career goals. Here's a brief description of the job.

Summary of Role: Prepares income and balance sheet statements, consolidated statements, and various other accounting statements and reports. Analyzes financial reports and records and makes recommendations. Book and/or verifies the accuracy of journal entries and accounting classifications assigned to various records. Coordinates accounting matters with other departments, locations and divisions.

Essential Responsibilities Prepares and reviews monthly and quarterly account reconciliations and account closings. Provides analysis and accounting for productivity expenses, management fees, and inter-company loans.

Prepares monthly and quarterly balance sheet analysis schedules.

Drives process improvements and simplification initiatives. Works with asset management and risk organization on exposure questions.

Responsible for all aspects of accounting for lease and/or loan portfolio including tenant lease review

Prepares forecasts and budget analysis..

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I have just changed jobs, so I know what it is like to answer these questions. My favorite response regarding my weaknesses is that, because I do not currently work at the company, I am not intimately familiar with its operations and accounting system. However, I have read about the company and know its basic organizational structure. I would also be honest if you not performed some of the ...

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This solution offers possible responses to common interview questions regarding the candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and reason for hiring the candidate. It is directed toward candidates for accounting positions.

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