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International Business Operations

Pick a real or fictional product or service you wish to 'introduce' into another country

Choose two countries to enter.
Give a short history of the company and product.

Research the countries the way a company looking to go international might do --- (demographics, education, technology, resources, economy, political system, trade barriers or incentives, produce or import materials, management style.

Evaluate, compare and contrast the two countries and decide which one is best suitable for your plans of international expansion and why.

Compose a paper listing all of this information and more - you decide on the format, content and final length. Charts, graphs and real data should be used in confirming your information.

I just need direction here on how to get started. I do not want you to write me a paper!!

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Doing business in a foreign country will be an adventure filled with triumphs and hurdles regardless of the amount of research conducted prior to entry. However, to make the experience of a company more triumphant, being prepared to overcome obstacles it critical.

If I were to begin a business it would be apparel. The fashion industry is prime in most markets or countries. For this assignment, I would create a fictionally company. In doing so, you will not need to focus on providing factual information. So if you selected something to the effect to cross your home country borders you can use the information provided below as an example. It would be ideal to create a table following the narrative and then provide a conclusion for the essay. I would outline each component of the essay separately, then begin comparing and contrasting the two countries.

Mexico is the first country we will explore. Mexico is one of the world's largest economic powerhouses with an established upper-middle income demographic. Its official name is United Mexican States, however, most people know it as Mexico. It is located just below the United States making travel to Mexico for business ideal with regard to costs and its relationship with the U.S.

Mexico is not very ethnically diverse with only 1% of its residents indicated as other races. Its official language is Spanish. English is spoken by a small population of its citizens, but this would ...

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