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    International Business.

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    Using the CSU Online Library and/or online resources, select a company from the following list, or research another
    company and use it.
     Walmart
     Starbucks
     McDonald's
     Disney
     Ford Motor Company
     General Motors
    Locate this company in the business news. Does your selected company operate as an international business? A good source of information for this question is the annual report of the company. Explain your answer. For example, how extensive are the international operations of the firm you selected? What is the value of revenue, domestic versus international, and what are the trends?
    Submit a two-page report on your findings. Include the following:
     introduction,
     thesis statement,
     body, and
     conclusion.
    All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying
    citations in proper APA style.

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    It is established that Wal-Mart is an international company. The international sales revenues of Wal-Mart are compared with those in the US. The number of units in foreign companies is compared with those in the US. The characteristics of Wal-Mart that show that it is an international company are described. The sourcing of Wal-Mart's products is examined. it is concluded that Wal-Mart is truly an international company.

    Thesis Statement:
    The selected company Wal-Mart operates as an international business with extensive operations in different parts of the world.

    Wal-Mart operates as an international business. It operates in 27 countries besides the United States. According to the annual report of Wal-Mart, its international division generated 28% of its fiscal 2015 net sales. Its international operations is its second largest segment and has grown through acquisitions, and by adding retail, wholesale, and other units (1). In the international division of Wal-Mart there are 5,816 retail units, 365 wholesale units, and 109 other units giving a total of 6,290 international units. According to the annual report of Wal-Mart 2015 its US operations had revenues of $288 billion whereas its international operations had sales revenues ...

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