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    Importance of feedback

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    In my experience feedback is an area that can often be overlooked by leaders when working with teams. They sometimes wait until an issue has escalated before working to address it. Please expound on the importance of feedback and give some pointers as to the frequency of the feedback and the best way to give/receive it.

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    One of the most important leadership behaviours is giving followers praise where appropriate. Praise has the ability to increase motivation, and transform one's perspective of how the company perceives them and their roles within the organization. In the absence of praise, feedback is necessary in order to fill in the questions and gaps that are a resultant of praise absence. There are many similar characteristics between praise and feedback. Let's look at how leaders should ideally give feedback:

    1. On time. Leaders should give feedback in a timely ...

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    This solution discusses feedback and leaders in an organization. It explains the importance of feedback and gives some pointers for the frequency of the feedback and the best way to give and receive it. The answer is given in 354 words.