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    Feedback: Interpersonal & Impersonal Communications

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    I am having difficulty explaining the differences between feedback from interpersonal communications and feedback from impersonal communications. If you could provide an example of how a marketer could obtain and use each kind of feedback? Thank you!

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    Communication can be either impersonal or interpersonal. The sources of impersonal communications are organizations that develop messages through advertising and marketing campaigns. These messages are formalized and targeted to highlight a product to a wide audience; a topical example would be the advertisements shown during the Super Bowl.

    Interpersonal communication may be either formal or informal. It is also called 'opinion leadership' or 'word of mouth,' in which one person informally influences the actions or attitudes of others; it is a two-way process. In marketing, it can take place at a sampling table in a store, in a telephone conversation, through email or online. When marketing through either form of communication, it is important to generate feedback from the consumer to help the organization (the sender) determine as to how the message was received and how well it has been ...

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    This solution helps to explain the difference in feedback from interpersonal communications and that from impersonal communications. It includes an example of how marketers could get and use each kind of feedback from consumers.