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    Designing primers for PCR: finding problems with primers

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    1- Why is the use of temperature-stable DNA polymerase an important factor in the polymerase chain reaction?

    2- Each of the following pairs of primers have a problem with it. Tell why the primers would not work well.

    a) Forward primer 5' GCCTCCGGAGACCCATTGG 3'
    reverse primer 5' TTCTAAGAAACTGTTAAGG 3'

    b) Forward primer 5' GGGGCCCCTCACTCGGGGCCCC 3'
    reverse primer 5' TCGGCGGCCGTGGCCGAGGCAG 3'

    c) Forward primer 5' TCGAATTGCCAATGAAGGTCCG 3'
    reverse primer 5' CGGACCTTCATTGGCAATTCGA 3'

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    The temperature stable DNA polymerase is needed because this enzyme must survive the high temperature of PCR denaturing cycles. Otherwise fresh enzyme ...

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    Why use a temperature-stable polymerase in PCR reactions is determined. The expert determines what features of PCR primers may cause practical problems in PCR reactions.