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    A Citizenry that is Reasonably Well-Versed in Science

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    Would you agree that it is valuable for a nation to have a citizenry that is reasonably well versed in science? I give reasons to justify. Would you say this need has become especially urgent in the last two decades? Why or why not?

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    Yes, as science continues to advance, it has become an integral and an indispensable part of our everyday life, from the food we eat to abortion rights. Therefore, it is imperative that we become well-versed in science so that people can make wise decisions that in turn affect all aspects of society. Our understanding of science will not only give us a deeper understanding of the laws and policies that dictate our behavior but will also teach us to analyze problems critically and to evaluate the consequences of our actions. This type of ...

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    Arguments for a citizenry that is reasonably well-versed in science are discussed in 347 words.