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    Information about Hormones

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    Provide the following information in a table format or paragraphs on the following parts as it relates to the following.

    1. FSH

    What type of molecule is the hormone?
    What stimulates the production and or release of the hormone?
    Where is the hormone synthesized and released?
    Where is/are the receptors for the hormone?
    What is/are the effects of too little or too much of the hormone or abnormal receptors for the hormone?
    How is the synthesis or release of the hormone ended?
    What is/are the effects of the hormone on behavior?

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    Solution Summary

    This solution provides information on FSH, estrogen, melatonin, and oxytocin, explaining what type of molecule each is, the factors stimulating its production and release, the location of its synthesis and release, its receptors, the effects of abnormal amounts of that hormone, the mechanism of its release termination, and the hormone's impact on one's behavior. The solution is provided in a Word document that presents the information in a detailed table.