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    Cancer Immunotherapy

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    Please explain concepts related to cancer immunotherapy, including types of immunotherapy, their impact on the patient, and the immune processes involved.

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    Cancer immunotherapy- or for that matter- any immunotherapy can basically be categorized into two types: passive and active. In case of passive immunotherapy, preformed antibodies are introduced in the body that build up defense against infection, foreign body or cancerous cells. However, active immunotherapy involves introduction of stimulus in form of vaccine or infection that leads to activation of the body's own immune system that produces antibodies endogenously.

    Passive immunotherapy in cancer treatment has been in use for quite some time. A well accepted example of it is allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for treatment of a variety of haematological and solid malignancies. These donor cells or antibodies induce an immediate immune reaction against the cancer, ...

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    This solution discusses various aspects of cancer immunotherapy.