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    Human Adaption to Milk and Alcohol Consumption

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    How did human populations adapt to alcohol consumption and how did they adapt to milk consumption in adult life?

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    Having worked as a biochemist for years, and having worked in the human genome field for a number of years as well (specifically as a bioinformaticist working on discovering new human genes),

    First, let us examine a term used in your question, because our thoughts are molded around our vocabulary. What does "adaptation" mean? It is the act of coping or handling or maintaining a certain internal situation when the external environment changes. This is acceptable and highly necessary in order to survive. But understand that not all adaptations impact the genetic level (or as you suggest, the human genome). Many remain at the physiological or even psychological level.

    The use of processed food by humans is a travesty of the highest order. Many people may consume processed food but I would shun using the term "adaptation" to describe it. Consider what has happened to the health of the general population in the western ...

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    Human consumption of milk and alcohol is examined. The human population has adapted to be able to consume processed food over evolution. These changes in the genome are discussed.