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Protein Synthesis and the Effects of Treating a Cell with RNAase

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You start with a normal functioning cell where all parts of protein production are working properly. You treat a cell with RNAase that prevents production of mRNA. For each of the following molecules, describe if their concentrations will increase above 100 molecules, decrease below 100 or remain the same and why.

Molecule -------Starting number
mRNA-----------100 molecules
tRNA-------------100 molecules
Amino Acids----100 molecules
Protiens----------100 molecules

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This solution explains in 248 words the function of mRNA, tRNA, and rRNA, and how RNAase affects the level of concentration of these molecules, along with amino acids and proteins, in a cell.

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mRNA = messenger, transcript of gene for protein synthesis

tRNA = transfer, carrier/activator of amino acids in protein synthesis

rRNA = ribosomal, structure + catalysis of protein synthesis

Genes are perpetuated as sequences of nuclei acids [expressed in the form of proteins] by way of replication, transcription and translation. During replication the double stranded nucleic acid ...

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