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Protein Structure

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Describe the four hierarchical levels of a protein's structure that determine its conformation.

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The primary structure of a protein is its amino acid sequence. Amino acids are connected by peptide bonds into unbranched, linear polypeptide chains.

The secondary structure is the organized structure of local parts of ...

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Protein Structure Matching Questions

Match the phrases I-VI with options A-D below.

A) Secondary

B) Tertiary

C) Super-secondary

D) Domain

I) Final three-dimensional packaging of all three regions of a single polypeptide chain

II) Packing together of two or more adjacent folded sections within a contiguous piece of polypeptidechain (found to occur in many unrelated proteins)

III) Regular three dimensional folding pattern (repeating pi, psi values) of a contiguous segment of polypeptide chain

IV) Binding together and arrangement of separately folded polypeptide chains (subunits)

VI) Globular cluster of noncontiguous segments of polypeptide chain to form a unique, identifiable region of protein

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