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    Describing potential post-translational modifications

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    1. On the following sequence: CQLTNNSEGIDWNRT
    Mark a residue that has,
    -phosphorylation site (mark with a p)
    -can be ADP-ribosylated (mark with a)
    -methylation site (mark with m)

    2. At each PTM (posttranslational modification) give one biochemical agent that's can supply the modifying group.

    3. Indicate one site that N-linked glycosylation could occur on the sequence by circling the residue.

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    1) T and S can become phosphorylated

    R, D, and E can ...

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    In this solution a protein sequence is provided, and the answer explores the numerous ways in which the sequence can be post-translationally modified, including phosphorylation, glycosylation, etc.