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    the impact of chronic sequelae with Campylbacter as an example

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    1.) Discuss the impact of chronic sequelae with Campylbacter as an example.

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    While respiratory diseases is a very important form of illness in the US, foodborne disease with resulting in varied enteric discomforts ranks next to it (Foegeding, 1994) . Foodborne diseases are important vehicles to other clinical conditions ranging from diarrhea, vomiting, or other gastrointestinal manifestations such as dysentery (Lindsay, 1997). What makes the case even worse is that, there are a number of chronic sequelae which may result from such infection. Some bacteria associated with foodborne infections have been implicated for ankylosing spondylitis, arthropathies, renal disease, cardiac and neurologic disorders, and nutritional and other malabsorptive disorders (incapacitating diarrhea) (Lindsay, 1997). While some of these sequelae are still debatable (reviewed by Lindsay, 1997), it is wise to consider indeed its long-term implications to human health. Below is an example specific for Campylbacter jejuni.
    Now before anything else, it must be emphasized here also that while the incidence of foodborne ...

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    The impact of chronic sequelae with Campylbacter as an example is thoroughly examined.