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    pathophysiology of atherosclerosis

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    Please help with the following problem regarding atherosclerosis.

    A clear and concise description of the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis from the perspective of the role of the endothelial wall. Includes a list of risk factors, known and emerging, for atherosclerosis

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    Pathophysiology of atherosclerosis:

    The endothelial lining has multiple protective functions, the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis causes a breakdown in these functions.

    a) barrier
    b) antithrombotic
    c) vascular tone, vasodilation
    d) prevent smooth muscle migration
    e) immune functions (binds leukocytes when injury)

    development of atherosclerosis:

    1) Injury occurs! 2 types of injury:

    a) Physical forces (more common at branch points due to turbulence)
    b) Toxic chemical environment (cigarettesà reactive 02 species: superoxides; ...

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    This solution examines the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis and explains the role of the endothelial wall and includes a list of risk factors for atherosclerosis.