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Neural Basis

At least as early as Alcmaeon (around 500 B.C.), the brain was identified as the "organ of thought." However, subsequent thinkers continued to believe in the separation of the physical body (including the brain) and the mind (or soul). What were some of the most significant factors that might have prevented general acceptance of the neural basis for all thoughts? Why were these factors important?

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Some of the most significant factors that may have prevented the general acceptance that the brain is not the "organ of all thought" comes from Aristotle during 384-322 B.C.. He believed that the "mind was located in the heart that contained all emotions and thinking." He believed the "brain was instead a radiator used to cool the heart." Galen was a great surgeon who believed the brain is responsible for motor control and receive sensory information. Rene Descartes was a dualist who believe that the brain and body are separate communicating via the pineal gland. Franz Gall ...

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This solution explains why the brain can do many other functions beside thought, it includes three important discoveries by neuroscientists that disproved the belief that the brain can only produce thoughts.