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    Quadriceps femoris, of should the name be quinticeps femoris?

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    The quadriceps muscle group has historically been considered to have 4 muscles. However, recent research suggests that a fifth muscle in this group exists, the tensor vastus intermedius.

    Discuss the tensor vastus intermedius muscle regarding its origin, insertion, action, blood and nerve supply, and any other points of interest.

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    The quadriceps femoris is a muscle group that consists of the following muscles: rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius, and vastus medialis.

    In 2016, Grob et al. made headlines by identifying tensor vastus intermedius (TVI) as an additional muscle of the quadriceps femoris [1]. In their study of 26 cadaveric limbs, a TVI muscle was documented in every specimen.It was determined to be a distinct structure, not simply a component of vastus lateralis or vastus intermedius.

    The origin of TVI is the anterior aspect of the greater trochanter (where it blends with the insertion of gluteus minimus) and the lateral lip of ...

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    This muscle discusses the anatomy of a relatively newly discovered muscle, the tensor vastus intermedius. This muscle is part of the quadriceps muscle group. It's origin, insertion, function, and neurovascular supply are discussed, as well as brief mentions regarding its clinical relevance. Three references are included in this solution.