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    Fundamental Molecular Biology

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    For this question I have accessed my information from the textbook Fundamental Molecular Biology by Lizabeth A. Allison 2007.

    These questions all refer to the process of translation, the mechanism by which mRNA is translated into protein. The first question can actually be answered from the prompt at the beginning, it says the sequence is the mRNA read in the 5' - 3' direction. And if you compare the codons from the first AUG in the sequence with the amino acid sequence they match up. So the first AUG is the initiation codon.

    The second question has a consensus sequence that surrounds the AUG initiation codon and the Pu means purine which is A or G. The consensus sequence therefore differs by 4, all occuring before the AUG initiation codon.

    The third question is referring to the location of initiation step of translation and the last two answers, the A and P site refer to locations in the ribosome so cannot be correct because it is asking for a location on the mRNA. The TATA box is a DNA sequence for transcription and the Shine-Dalgarno sequence is only found in prokaryotes. Leaving the 5' end as the answer and this is the case because it ...

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