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General Biology Questions

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What term refers to a cell that has no nucleus or membrane bound organelles, such as bacteria?
a. prokaryotic
b. eukaryotic
c. planktonic
d. pathogenic

What term refers to a cell that has a nucleus and membrane bound organelles, such as plant and animal cells?
a. prokaryotic
b. eukaryotic
c. planktonic
d. pathogenic

What is the cell wall of bacteria composed of?
a. peptidoglycan
b. protein
c. fats
d. carbohydrates

What is the tangle of DNA in a bacterial cell called?
a. helix
b. nucleoid
c. plasmid
d. ribosome

Do bacteria have sex?
a. yes
b. no

Mollicutes are unique members of the bacteria world because they do not have?
a. class
b. cell walls
c. DNA
d. ribosomes

What group of protists can be used to gauge the degree of pollution in a body of water?
a. Dinoflagellates
b. Foraminiferans
c. Ciliates
d. Apicomplexans

Name a type of protist with a shell.
a. Forams
b. Dinoflagellates
c. Sporozoa
d. Ciliates

What human disease(s) may be caused by "Red Tide"?
a. PSP
b. Ciguatera
c. Paralytic shellfish poisoning
d. All of the above

What structure on a paramecium are used to capture food and also in movement?
a. Cilia
b. Pseudopodia
c. Flagella
d. Cell wall

Photosynthetic bacteria are called ___________________.
a. Cyanobacteria
b. Autobacteria
c. Photobacteria
d. Plant-like bacteria

Some bacteria live in the roots of certain plants, converting ________ into a useable form.
a. ATP
b. Sugar
c. Water
d. nitrogen

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