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Locomotion, Memory Cells, and Three Lines of Defense

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1. Protozoans are grouped through their means of locomotion. Describe the three different types of locomotion.

2. How and why are memory cells produced by the immune system?

3. Which are the three lines of defense of the human body? How does each line of defense protect the body?

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Locomotion, Memory Cells, and Three Lines of Defense are examined.

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1) Protozoans

1) Sarcomastigophora - uses flagella, basically a tail, to swim around
2) Apicomplexa (Sporozoa) - has flagella only in its motile gamete stage, after which it loses any and all flagella
3) Ciliate (Ciliophora) - small hair-like processes called cilia allow the organism to move.

2) Memory cells are produced by naive (never been exposed to antigen) T and B cells when they encounter an antigen. In both cases, ...

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