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Topics in Neuroanatomy

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1) Describe the function of:
A) a neurolemmocyte
B) microglial cell

2) What role do the convolutions play in the brain?
3) What function does the optic nerve have?
4) The trigeminal nerve is larger than the trochlear nerve. how does this correlate with the function of both nerves?

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The expert examines topics in neuroanatomy.

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The neurolemmocyte, also known as the Schwann cell, is primarily there to protect the axons of peripheral nervous system neurons. Axons are "leaky" to ions, but action potentials down axons require that ionic gradients inside the axon remain uninterrupted once an action potential begins, in order to make sure the signal gets to the end of the axon. Otherwise, ionic influx at the beginning of the AP would quickly leak out of the axon just a little bit down the line. Schwann cells form a myelin sheath ...

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