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    Selling of Organs

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    What is the problem with wanting to sell and organ like a kidney to cover a medical expense such as removing the gall bladder in todays economy/world? Realizing that it is illegal should this be allowed in a certain circumstances that may also save someone's life? Side effects from people against it?

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    Because there is an organ shortage, there is a black market that has developed in which people could sell their organs such as the kidney to the recipient for financial compensation. The problems with this system is that it poses additional risks to both donor and recipient. Selling organs like kidney to recipient from random donors can increased the risk of complications to the recipients. For example, in 2003, "eighty patients who underwent commercial living unrelated kidney transplant in Iraq result in sixty five percent of them has to be re-hospitalized immediately after the procedure." (1) Furthermore, there was a ten percent mortality rate after one year, much higher than would be expected in modern transplant center. (1) In India, the practice of selling organs such as a kidney from non-related living random donors to recipients in the ...

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    This in-depth solution explores the problems associated with the selling of organs when demand exceeding the supply, and explains the role of the black market in trading of organs. References are included.