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Nutritional Caloric Content

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In lab, you try burning marshmallows to estimate their caloric content. a) if a large marshmallow, when burned completely, raises the temperature of 1L of water 40 degrees, what is the approximately caloric content measured in nutritional calories (kcal or Cal)? b) how many calories would be required to raise 500g of water 3 degrees?

For part b, I think this is simply q=mct, but I thought the units are in joules?Also how do I figure out part a- the only thing they provide is the change in temp, I know I will need the specific heat of water, but then what about the volume? Please help.

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Hope I can quickly solve this problem for you, calorimetry is carried out on all food stuffs and value printed on the side of containers both in Kcals (1000s of calories) and also in Kjoules the conversion factor is 4.2.

However for your problem here the calorific content is an estimate because as I assume you ...

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The nutritional content of calories are estimated. How many calories are required to raise 500g of water by 3 degrees is determined.