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    Choosing reduced-fat products

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    Make a list of all the fat substitutes that you found on your ingredient label. Indicate what type of fat substitute you found (like the synthetic fat Olestra). Determine how many Calories you would save by eating this reduced-fat product instead of the high-fat one. Compose a 200-word argument discussing why you would or would not choose the reduced-fat product as part of a healthy diet. Include in your discussion the RDA guidelines recommending less than 30% of total calories come from fat.

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    Common fat substitutes include:
    * Olestra
    * Simplesse
    * Caprenin
    * Cellulose
    * Z-Trim
    * Oatrim-10
    * Trailblazer

    For the scientific names and categories of fat substitutes see http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/105/23/2800/TBL1

    The caloric savings will depend on what fat substitute you are using. Olestra does ...

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    Explanation of different kinds of fat substitutes and their benefits as well as drawbacks as a component of a healthy diet.