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    Cancer: A Concise Introduction

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    Please provide an explanation of what cancer is in easy to understand language.

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    Cancer is synonymous with malignant neoplasm and it refers to any new and abnormal growth in which cell multiplication is autonomous and progressive and the neoplastic tissue tends to grow, invade, and metastasize. Such tumors usually have irregular shape and are composed of poorly differentiated cells.

    Cancer is not just one disease but a plethora of diseases affecting a multitude of body organs with endless manifestations. It originates within normal body cells as a result of DNA damage. These cells undergo mutations, break lose of ...

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    This solution provides a concise and easily understood introduction to cancer, and includes what cancer does, generally on a cellular level, and what the main sub-categories of cancer are based on what type of tissue is affected. Additionally, this solution provides four reference sources for further general research on cancer, as well as, advice on how to approach such a general research topic.