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Cancer Screening

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The recent debate over Cancer screening has led the Government to reissue opinions by the Health Care Agencies. Is the Government becoming too involved in Individual decisions? Do you object to mandatory determinations by government on the distribution of vaccines, regulation of air and water pollution or should the free market ensure equitable distribution of resources?

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Being a conservative, I propose that free market should ensure equitable distribution of resources. Government should not become too involved with distribution of vaccines ...

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Genetic Screening and Prevention Case Study

Genetic Screening and Prevention: A Case Study

Mary Jane Smith is a 30 year old mother of two young boys who has recently lost both her mother and an older sister to breast cancer. After learning about the development of a test for determining one's susceptibility to a particular form of breast cancer, Mary decides to have the test done. The gene for which Mary was tested is responsible for causing 4 percent of the breast cancer diagnoses. Women who test positive for this genetic mutation have an 85 percent chance of developing breast cancer by age 80.

Mary's test came back positive. She was given two possible courses of action. Either she could have both of her breasts removed as a form of prevention, or she could continue to have regularly scheduled follow-up visits and check-ups.

Mary decides to have the operation and have a double mastectomy. She decides on this course of action so that she can have some "peace of mind."

Removing the breasts does not completely eliminate the risk of cancer. Although a person may have the breasts removed, the gene that is responsible could still present in the body.

Discussion questions:
1. Do you think Mary has made the right decision? Why or Why not?
2. Do you consider the operation to be a form of preventive medicine? Why or why not?
3. Many find Mary's approach "extreme" because genetic testing is so novel. Share a study regarding genetic screening that might shed some light on this issue. Please comment on your findings.
4. Some insurance plans cover BRAC testing and some do not. From an epidemiological perspective, why is this so?
5. APA Format with viable references.

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