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    Respiratory tract disease

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    A 49-year-old white female presents with a cough (producing yellow-green sputum) that has been going on for 3 days. She has labored breathing even under slight exertion.

    The patient is hypertensive and is being treated with metoprolol tartrate (a beta-blocker). She had a urinary tract infection a month previously and was treated with ciprofloxacin (200 mg, three times daily for 5 days). The patient has a 35-year history of smoking a pack per day, but has no evidence of obstructive respiratory disease.

    Vitals: BP 100/50
    HR 108bpm
    temp: 39oC
    labored breathing during rest (32 breaths/min)
    rales (abnormal sounds) from left lung
    chest X-ray indicates infiltration of upper and lower lobes of the left lung

    1. What cells produce mucus in the lungs?
    2. What does the color of sputum signify for this case?
    3. Considering all the symptoms of this case, the chest X-ray means what diagnosis is most probable?
    4. What drugs can be given to treat this condition (the answer to the previous question)?

    Thank you

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    Mucus is naturally secreted from the respiratory system to humidify passing air and to trap any dust or bacteria. It is secreted from two areas in the lung, epithelial and connective tissue (1),(pic1)

    Let's express symptoms as equation
    Cough+sputum= inflammation or infection or only because of smoking

    to choose between them you need to take a look on the other symptom which is the colour of the ...

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    A medical case of smoker and hypertensive patient, she complains of cough with coloured sputum