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    Functions of bones, and elongation of bones in the human body.

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    What is ossification?
    What are the functions of bones?
    How do bones elongate?

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    #1) What is ossification?
    To put it simply, ossification is the formation of new bone. Basically, tissue or cartilage is turned into bone during this process. Ossification takes place over two stages:

    1) intramembranous ossification - This process gives rise to some bones in the head, and increases the diameter of bones.

    2) endochondral ossification - Endochondral ossification is the process by which bones increase their length during growth.

    #2)What are the functions of bones?

    Bones have many functions:
    - bones provide the shape ...

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    The functions of bones and the elongation of bones in the human body are examined. Ossification is defined.