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Diagram amino acid adsorption in the small intestinal lumen.

i need help diagraming the process of the following instructions. please help me.
On a single page, diagram removal of an amino acid from protein by a peptidase in the intestinal lumen, followed by absorption of the amino acid. This process will include an epithelial cell actively transporting the an amino acid from the lumen of the intestine (brush border surface) to the inside of the cell, and then letting the amino leave the basolateral side of the cell by facilitated transport.

The following things need to be shown and labeled somewhere in your diagram:

1. apical side of epithelial cell

2. lumen of intestine

3. peptidase enzyme

4. protein being chemically digested

5. secondary active transport protein for the amino acid

6. facilitated diffusion amino acid carrier

7. Sodium-Potassium pump

8. Arrows for direction of sodium movement

9. Arrows for the direction of amino acid movement

This process causes water movement as well. Under the diagram, explain in a sentence or two why the process you have diagramed will cause water movement, and WHAT DIRECTION (from bloodstream to lumen or from lumen to bloodstream) the net water movement will be in..

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See the attached jpg file for your drawing.

Now, to answer the question about why water always accompanies solute movement.

Because all chemicals naturally move from areas where they are in high concentration to areas where they are ...

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The diagrams of amino acid adsorptions in the small intestinal lumen are determined.