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    Digestive Enzymes

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    You have completed a meal consisting of steak, baked potato and a vegetable. Starting with the salivary glands, and including the stomach, gallbladder, small intestine and pancreas describe each enzyme or material that would be released to help with the digestion of this meal.

    This scenario is investigated thoroughly.

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    <br>Let us start by classifying the components of the meal, thus:
    <br>Steak - protein
    <br>Baked potato - carbohydrate
    <br>Vegetable - celluloses
    <br>These food items are all complex organic molecules that are catalyzed and broken down into simpler forms by the different digestive enzymes such as:
    <br>In the mouth,there are salivary glands than produce the enzyme called ptyalin or salivary amylase. It hydrolyzes starches (in this case the baked potato)to polysaccharide fragments and then, to the disaccharide maltose.
    <br>In the stomach,its chief cells ...

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