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Dehydration and effects on the body

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What affect does dehydration have on the human body?

Why is water essential?

What are the functions of water in the body?

What happens to the body when it does'nt get the water it needs?

how do electrolytes have on the body?

What effects does alcohol and caffeine have on hydration levels?

What steps can people take to ensure they do not become dehydrated?

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In this solution, I discuss dehydration and some of the effects it has on the body. I also discuss why water is so essential to body functioning.

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What affect does dehydration have on the human body?

Since the human body is about 75% by weight water, and water is essential for the body to be able to do things like process nutrients and other types of metabolic reactions, dehydration tends to throw many body systems out of wack. With dehydration the body will not be able to cool itself properly (through sweating and evaporation), body electrolyte balance(particularly sodium and potassium levels) will be unable to be maintained, and that has systemic effects on heart rate, respiration rate, kidney function, etc.

Why is water essential?

As stated above, water is essential for numerous chemical reactions ...

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