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    the body cicardian cycle/rhythm in detail as it relates to hormones

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    You may have heard of your circadian rhythm. It has to do with many physiological processes. One involves hormone release.
    For example, cortisol tends to peak between 6 and 10 am.
    Please explain the body cicardian cycle/rhythm in more details as it relates to hormones.

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    Circadian rhythms are biological rhythms that experience variations on a 24 hour cycle known as the circadian cycle or diurnal (meaning day- night) cycle.

    These circadian rhythms are repetitive, are released at a regular time interval, and have a frequency of one cycle per 24 hours. The hypothalamus (known as the master gland) is the part of the brain that regulates the circadian rhythm. Specifically, a region of the ...

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    This solution explains how the circatian rhythm works in relation to the endocrine system.