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McCarthy's vs Gardner's Learning Styles Assessments

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Compare and contrast the differences between McCarthy's and Gardner's learning styles assessments.
Describe each theory in detail.

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This solution compares McCarthy's and Gardner's learning styles assessments and provides an in-depth description of each.

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Compare and contrast the differences between McCarthy's and Gardner's learning styles assessments.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory was first published in 1983 and was quickly embraced by the education, teaching, and training communities (Multiple Intelligence). It consisted of several types of intelligence, including:

- Linguistic or words and language
- Local-mathematical or logic and numbers
- Musical or music, sound, and rhythm
- Body kinesthetic or body movement
- Spatial-visual or images and space
- Interpersonal or other people's feelings
- Intrapersonal or self awareness (Multiple Intelligence)

These elements represented human nature overall from a cognitive perspective and how people perceive and are aware of things. In other words, the way that a ...

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