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Change in blood flow

Indentify other organs and tissues in the given table and comment on the change in blood flow through them when an athlete starts from rest to engage in moderate aerobic exercise then intense anaerobic exercise.

I am looking for help and advice in completing this question I have to write about 100 words

Rest moderate aerobic Intense anaerobic
exercise exercise

Other tissues 2816 1518 1260
and organs

This table represents blood flow measurements in ml min-1 through other organs and tissues.

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Hi there

The first thing you should do when answering this question is describe what you see in the table. It clarifies your thought processes and makes it clear that you understand what is going on.

So first describe what you see- the blood flow through other tissues and organs decreases under conditions of moderate aerobic exercise, and decreases further under conditions of intense anaerobic exercise. To be really neat you could calculate the % reduction from blood flow at rest. At the very least give the actual reduction from rest in each case - and remember the units (ml min-1) - very easy to forget in this sort of question.

OK- having established that blood ...

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The change in blood flows are determined. Intense anaerobic exercises which are engaged by an athlete is determined.