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    Anatomy: Portal Veins, Normal Veins, Blood Flow Control

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    1) Describes the processes and forces involved in bulk flow at the capillaries. include an explanation of which direction water/plasma at each end of the capillary bed and why?

    2) Explain the difference between portal and normal veins.

    3) Explain the relationship among blood flow, blood pressure, and resistance.

    Multiple choice questions:

    1) which of the following has the most unique control of its blood flow?
    a) lungs
    b) Heart
    c) Skeletal muscle
    d) Skin

    2) Which of the following has no role in returing blood to the heart via the veins?
    a) Blood pressure
    b) Muscular pump
    c) Respiratory pump
    d) All of the above play a sigificant role in returing blood to the heart

    3) ......is the rate of blood flow per given mass of the tissue.
    a) Blood flow
    b) Cardiac output
    c) Perfusion
    d) Stroke volume

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    Bulk flow in capillaries often refer to the mechanical forces which push substances in and out of capillaries. These forces are namely pressure, and in this case, blood pressure vs. pressure from surrounding cells. If there is a large amount of pressure from the capillaries from the blood, bulk flow can occur as a result of blood pressure pushing substances from the blood into the tissue outside of the capillaries. Likewise, if pressure from fluids outside the capillaries is high, it will push substances mechanically into the capillaries.

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    The expert describes the processes and forces involved in bulk flow at the capillaries. The differences between portal and normal veins are given.