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Mendel's Law and Genetics

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How do you apply Mendel's law to solve this problem?

You have three yellow, round peas, labeled I, II, and III, and each was grown into a plant and crossed to a plant grown from a green, wrinked pea. There were 100 peas issuing from each cross were sorted into phenotypic classes as shown below:

I. 52 yellow, round
48 green, round

II. 100 yellow, round

III. 24 yellow, round
26 yellow, wrinkled
25 green, round
24 green, wrinkled

What were the genotypes of I, II, and III?

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The cross must be

yellow, round X green, wrinked

result in


The key cross here to deduce the dominance is II, which have the cross:

yellow, round X green, wrinked

result in

100 all yellow, round

So the ...

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The solution provides calculations for various genotypes by applying Mendel's Law.

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